Inspired (SOLD)

Original abstract modern acrylic art.  Heavy texture, and a bold color palette make this modern abstract a statement piece for your decor.  Beautiful shades of fuschia and pink adorn this standout piece of art. Sure to impress with the large scale, this original painting is done with acrylic and molding paste to provide visual interest and movement throughout the piece.  This painting is sealed with a professional quality varnish to protect it from light and dust.



Original abstract 30×48 modern painting.  Textured with molding paste, and sealed with a high quality varnish to ensure years of enjoyment and protection from sun and dust.  This vivid painting has shades of fuschia, pink, black, blue, and teal.  It is done on a 1-inch thick, gallery-wrapped canvas and does not need to be framed. This is definitely a statement piece and will stand out on any wall.  This painting is the 5th in my Emotions series, and is titled “Inspired”.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the rain. Giant. Capital. L.O.V.E. the rain. It’s my favorite season (yes, the rain is a season–a long one in Oregon), and I’m oh-so-happy when it hits. However, every once in a blue moon, I look outside and think it looks a wee bit dull. You know, a little grey. Maybe not so happy. And in those moments, you have choices. I choose to be inspired, to add some cheer, and create happiness.

* Name: Inspired
* Painter: Amy Provonchee
* Size: 30×48
* Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas
* Style: Modern, Abstract
This is done on gallery-wrapped 1 inch canvas.


Colors may vary slightly according to your computer monitor. Please view dimensions, pictures may not be to scale.


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